Lauren Lindsey

Image by Caleb Woods



I'm based in NYC but I grew up in Seattle (And no, it doesn't rain there as much as movies/TV pretend it does🙂).


Likes: Dog Instagram accounts, playing sports, living out my childhood dream of running away with the Circus by taking silks and flying trapeze classes, reading a lot, and then telling people I've read the book while we watch the TV adaptation.


Dislikes: That there are still Dog Instagram accounts out there that I haven't followed yet, onions.




It Can't Happen Here

Streaming Oct 28-Nov 1

The production made Time Out's list of the best theater to stream live: 

An interview about the show with myself and two other creatives:


A coming of age story for radio, Tornado, will be broadcast on Irish podcast: The Shift


A recurring role on Sauce, a digital series by Emmy nominated creator Dui Jarrod.


After premiering at Seattle International Film Festival and screening at other festivals around the country, Sauce's new home is on


A Space For Creators: 

Tell Me

Tell Me, produced by Playful Substance, set to premiere in Spring 2020 at Access Theater, is postponed until 2021 due to theater closures from COVID19

Mature Grapes

A new short play, Mature Grapes, was produced as part of Planet Connections October 2020 Zoom Festival


Currently workshopping a new full length play, C.A.M. and an upcoming TV pilot